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Destined To Change: Purpose. Progress. Happiness. (Hardcover)

Destined To Change: Purpose. Progress. Happiness. Cover Image
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Destined to Change is a book about finding progress, looking for opportunity, creating paths of blessings, leading a life of success, setting a blueprint for generations to come, seeking health and wealth in all aspects of life, joining forces with individuals who can bring purpose to pass, and more. Leading a life of success, from my experience, takes time; even though some people are born into it, others find purpose gradually as they grow, and still others, well- some never take the time to find it. That is the principle: If I only take the time to find it, if I take a leap of faith that takes me where I want to go, if I only look in the right places, success will find me, too; action is required wherever we go, and energy comes out of us whether we want it to or not. Life is energy, and it is essential for us to place our limited and unlimited resources into efforts that accumulate interest over the years. Interest, compound interest, revenue, and anything else that multiplies over the years, including your state of mind, emotional state, and physical health, are foundations that require wisdom. Why wisdom, you ask? Wisdom is the principle of all understanding, and understanding is the principle that will guide you to make good decisions. Who invented wisdom? That is a great question Remember how I mentioned the infinite source of energy? If you are wise enough, you will invest in that area of your life, independently of what you believe; I came to understand that having a support system and religious or nonreligious beliefs will help anyone survive a tough time when it comes. That's right Tough times will eventually come your way, but with the right support in place, a positive mindset, a healthy amount of energy, life-work balance, and associations with the right people, you will surpass hardship in a way that only God can understand. What is energy without the correct approach? What is leadership without followers? What is faith without a hope? What is a leader without character? What is energy without a place to reside and people to share it with? What is love without understanding and compassion? What is hate without indifference? What are you without purpose? What are we without a support system? As mentors are necessary to develop leaders, energy is necessary to be placed in the right direction. It is imperative for you to understand the course of your life, and it is vital that you share your thoughts with the correct people. Do not give your jewelry to pigs; do not share your most valuable thoughts and beliefs with people who cannot comprehend; do not give your heart to those who will corrupt it. "How do I begin?" you ask. Well, it begins when you take the time to read what I have to say-no expectancies, no attachments-just the thoughts of a stranger with the hope that you find something valuable and hear words of encouragement. I congratulate you on the first step toward change in your life. However, I want you to understand that the purpose of this book, and my intention, is to guide you through different perspectives, questions, and stories that might uncover strengths that you might not know you have, or maybe to give you a different perspective on how to live with good expectations, understand your mind and heart, and follow your own patterns to discover why you are the way you choose to be or think, as well as how to change it if you want, but mostly to give you a direction and discipline that I believe are necessary for success in all aspects of life, including those that only you know you need. Let us begin.

Product Details
ISBN: 9781956275049
ISBN-10: 1956275045
Publisher: Antonio Rosario Ortiz
Publication Date: August 1st, 2021
Pages: 200
Language: English